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A cloud-based tutor management software for educational institutes, coaching centers, and private tutors. Centralized tutoring management tool that helps tutors & students connect at a common platform and enable them to share their best practices through a network. Manage students, share study materials, add multiple tutors, and much more from anywhere at any time.

What does Tutorshell offer you?

Better Communication

Maintain Better Communication with TutorShell

Better Communication

  • TutorShell efficiently & effectively manage the interactions between the tutors and their students in an online environment.

  • It bridges the gap between tutors and students by managing all daily tutoring chores in one place.

Time Management

Manage Time Effectively with TutorShell

Time Management

  • TutorShell offers freedom from paper prints and emails, saving time for the tutors and students.

  • The tutoring software releases the burden of administration from the tutors, thereby saving time and increasing productivity.

Manageable Features

Multiple Features Benefits with TutorShell

Manageable Features

  • Tutors can add their classes & subjects, share study materials, and create online assessment tests.

  • Students can log in to the same online portal, use the available study material, and attempt tests & get their results as well.

Why Tutorshell?

TutorShell assists you in increasing the efficiency of your tutoring business and managing all the required things in one place, and freeing up your time to do what you enjoy.

Freedom from Manual Management

Freedom From Manual Management with TutorShell

Freedom from Manual Management

  • The tutor management system offers freedom from manual tasks like adding students on excel sheets or paper, keeping track of them, and sharing study material with each of them individually via email or phone.

Minimizing Human Error

Minimize Human Error with TutorShell

Minimizing Human Error

  • The tutoring software allows time to give exams manually and analyze the answers for each, which involves more manual work. Further, emailing every individual student requires a lot of manual management that may result in human error. The best way to prevent any errors is to use our online tutoring management software.

24*7 Access

24/7 Access From Anywhere with TutorShell

24*7 Access

  • Manual classes have time restrictions, but with our tutoring center management software, you can access notes, tests, and schedules anytime at any place.

What Tutorshell Can Do for You

  • Define classes
  • Tutors can define their classes the way they want. e.g. HSC, IIT-JEE, etc.
  • Define Subjects
  • Tutors can define subjects concerning classes. e.g. Maths, Physics, Chemistry, etc.
  • Upload Syllabus and Study Materials
  • Tutors can upload the syllabus and study materials to their respective subjects.
  • Preparing Test
  • Tutors can create exam questions by selecting the Class and subject.
  • Access to Students
  • Tutors can add students to classes and subjects and give access to them in TutorShell. Test
  • results can be shared with the students for their betterment.
  • Sub-tutors
  • Tutors have an edge in defining sub-tutors who handle their respective subjects.
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Our Mission

TutorShell, a tutor management software, is developed exclusively for tutors. Every feature is tailored to the needs of tutoring businesses, and we're constantly adding and upgrading the platform based on member input. TutorShell can help you with anything from centrally managing your students and schedules to a streamlined and automated paying procedure and a location for your students' families to reschedule their lessons.


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Tutor management software is a cloud-based management system specially designed for tutors & students. It provides a centralized platform to connect tutors with students, manage & schedule classes, prepare exams, track performance, and more. There are many tutor management systems, but TutorShell is preferred over its all-in-one features, affordable pricing, and 3 Months free trial.

A tutor management system can help a tutor keep track of their students, lessons, and schedule. Additionally, it can help the tutor manage their time more effectively. With a tutor management system, you can create profiles for each of your students that include contact information, grades, and subjects. You can also create a calendar of your classes & students' exams schedule.

All devices, like Mobile, Laptops, and Tablets. This is a cloud-based system, and all you need is an internet connection so that you can access it from anywhere.

No, this is a web-based application, so you need to have just an internet connection to access it via your tab, mobile, or laptop.

It depends on what package you have bought. Please, visit our pricing page for more information. You can upgrade your subscription anytime
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