Exam Management Software

Tracking performance

As soon as you open our dashboard, you will notice a graph, where you can track your performance for seven days.

The graph will also show you the number of students who attempted a test along with their results

Our promise

Generating and evaluating results

With a help of a single click, you will be able to create details like cut-off marks, test names, subject names, and submission dates

This means you have software that could describe your test with ease and evaluate it.


Most frequent questions and answers

An online examination management system allows educational institutions and organizations to administer, prepare and conduct exams online. An online examination system can also provide a secure environment for conducting online exams. Typically, an OEMS will allow for the creation of exams and quizzes, the distribution of these exams to students or test takers, the collection of responses and grades, and the generation of reports on student performance.

The online examination system has a number of features that make it an efficient and convenient way to assess students. The system allows for the creation of exams that are tailored to the needs of the instructor and the students. The system also allows for the automatic grading of exams, which reduces the time needed to grade exams. Additionally, the online examination system provides a secure way for students to submit their exams.

  1. Online examinations are more secure than traditional paper-based exams.
  2. In addition, the use of timers ensures that students do not have an unfair advantage by spending too much time on individual questions.
  3. Exams can be given from anywhere; you just need an internet connection.

Yes, you can share results with respective students using the online examination system. In fact, students can easily see their results on their portal after completing the test.