About Us

We're building the modern web

TutorShell is a Cloud Based Management Software designed for Tutors to facilitate the collaboration between them & their students and for the management of other administrative work.

What does it do ?

It allows Tutors to manage their interactions with students in an online environment efficiently & effectively which otherwise they would have done through paper prints or emails. Thus, the tutors can focus on what they do best - sharing their knowledge & experience and teaching students without worrying too much about administrative overburden. Tutors can add their own classes, add subjects, study materials, students, and create online assessment tests. Students can login to the same online portal and use study material for studying and give their tests, see their test results as well.

Overall, TutorShell bridges the gap between tutors and students by managing all daily tutoring chores at one place.

The human element

Why should a tutor use it?

Currently, the majority of the tutors do the following things manually like adding students in excel sheets or paper, keeping track of them, sharing study material with each of them individually via email or phone, giving exams manually and then checking test results for each which involves more manual work, emailing and requires lots of manual management and can end up making human mistakes.

Our mission


We are on a mission to expand education potential. Unlocking the true potential of education with outstanding automation technology


We believe that if our users are happy, everything else will fall into place, Where everyone feels a sense of togetherness


We exhibit a strong will to outdo ourselves and to better our performance in every aspect for the education system.

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