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Conducting an examination is one of the most challenging jobs in the entire learning system. Creating tests, getting prints, taking examinations, arranging copies, evaluating them, and finally keeping a record of the result, is a long tiresome procedure. This process is made very simple with our online exam management system in TutorShell.

TutorShell has a web-based online exam management software system that compromises a test creator with crucial details imbibed and an easy-to-access test record keeper.

Test Generator

The admin can easily generate a test at the TutorShell dashboard by simply going on the test feature. Create a test by entering the required details that involve Subject Name, Class, Test Name, Submission Dates, Cut-Off Marks, Time Duration, and a Brief Description of the Test.

Test Record

Keeping the test records is a very accountable task. With this online examination software, the tutor can keep the records maintained effortlessly for the test taken with every single detail mentioned at the portal. The admin can see the action taken along with the other required task details. The questions are also present as a part of the record, making the learning and revision process seamless.

Performance Tracker

Admin has the test performance of the previous seven days, tracked in a graph on the dashboard. The graph demonstrates the datewise test attempts along with the marks obtained in the particular test. This graph simply shows the performance of a student.

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An online examination management system allows educational institutions and organizations to administer, prepare and conduct exams online. An online examination system can also provide a secure environment for conducting online exams. Typically, an OEMS will allow for the creation of exams and quizzes, the distribution of these exams to students or test takers, the collection of responses and grades, and the generation of reports on student performance.

The online examination system has a number of features that make it an efficient and convenient way to assess students. The system allows for the creation of exams that are tailored to the needs of the instructor and the students. The system also allows for the automatic grading of exams, which reduces the time needed to grade exams. Additionally, the online examination system provides a secure way for students to submit their exams.

  1. Online examinations are more secure than traditional paper-based exams.
  2. In addition, the use of timers ensures that students do not have an unfair advantage by spending too much time on individual questions.
  3. Exams can be given from anywhere; you just need an internet connection.

Yes, you can share results with respective students using the online examination system. In fact, students can easily see their results on their portal after completing the test.
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