Multi-Tutor Management

Multi-Tutor Management System - TutorShell

Keeping tutors organized is a job of responsibility. The tutor or private institution can add multiple tutors on the same platform and manage all the records through their dashboard.

TutorShell is an online teacher management system that allows tutors freedom from keeping each other's accounts and managing their own accounts in privacy.

Sub-Tutor Access Portal

With the free subtutor feature, subtutors can be joined for the classes by simply using their email id. The subtutor's email id and password hence generated, allow the subtutor to manage and conduct their classes.

Sub-Tutor Management

With the email id and password, a tutor can manage multi-tutors in the TutorShell subtutor feature. The tutor/private institution can keep a record of the sub-tutors and can keep a check on their activity, hence making the entire management easy to handle.

The admin can give access to the sub-tutors of whatever data is required; without the admin's permission, the sub-tutor cannot make any changes, thereby keeping the admin in charge.

Paid Sub-Tutor Features

With the paid version of this multi-tutor management system, the admin can add more sub-tutors and manage them through the dashboard. Check the detailed pricing here and pick the right option for your tutoring needs. It becomes efficient to run an educational center this way.

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