Student Management Software

Student Management System - TutorShell

The online student management feature of TutorShell works on the coordination, scheduling, attendance tracking, and other tasks related to student management.

Student information management, when done manually, is a tedious task, but with the online student management system, the task has been simplified. The task that was done manually is present as a simple feature on the TutorShell dashboard, where you can easily manage all the student information in a single place.

Student Record

As the business grows, it becomes very tough to keep manual records of all the data. With our software in play, the task has been easier and very user-friendly. The feature contains important information about all the students.

  • Subject details
  • Test records
  • Planners
  • Classes

Student Portal

With the availability of a student portal, it became easy for a tutor to stay in contact with the student at any hour. They can easily add student information and manage every single thing in a single place, whereas for students, it is a 24*7 available platform for study. The student portal has many features.

  • Subjects
  • Test Results
  • Planners
  • Calendars
  • Study Material


Communication is the key to learning. On our online student management software, student-teacher communication has become easy. Teachers can communicate with the sub-tutors and students.

  • Zoom link attachment
  • Message Availability
  • Email Availability
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A Student information management system is a comprehensive software system that helps educational institutions manage their student data. It usually encompasses features such as student registration, attendance tracking, grading, and performance recording. Institutions can use this system to automate many of their administrative processes and improve communication with parents and students.

A student management system (SMS) is an information system used in educational institutions to manage students' academic and personal information. A student management system allows admin to track and manage student grades, schedules, attendance, and other information.

A student management system is an important tool for educational institutions. It helps manage students' data and records, which is essential for academic institutions. With a student management system in place, educators can keep track of student's performance and progress, as well as identify any potential issues.
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