The subjects can be added by the tutor, however, the sub-tutor can edit the subject syllabus, study materials, videos, and other links. The student can see the subject with its syllabus, study materials, videos, and other links.

Add Subjects

To add subject you need to select class that you've created or you can add it new class by writing there and click to add showing below.

After you can add subject.

Syllabus file and Study materials

You can select syllabus file as well as study material files or you can upload it later.
You can upload multiple study material files.

Videos (Embedded Videos)

After click on SET VIDEOS, A pop-up will appear you can set embedded video tags inside that.

For Example In YouTube:

Step 1: Click on share button below the video.
Step 2: Click on Embedded Video.
Step 3: Click on Copy Link.
Step 4: Paste the link in the textbox.
Step 5:That's It! The videos are added. you can close the pop up.

Other Links

After click on SET OTHER LINKS, you can copy-paste any link you want and click on add button!

That's it links will be set.


The links and videos and other files are only saved after clicking on CREATE/UPDATE button.

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